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"John Hargrove does great work, is a great guy and a neighbor anyone would love to have. We have known him for 22 years and highly recommend him for any jobs you need to have done. He has done a lot of landscaping for us and is always prompt, dependable and reasonable. Try him, you will like him!"
R. and V. Easley, Burns, TN

"I love it. Looks perfect!" (Installed Fencing)
Barbara L. - Dickson, Tn
“I recommend John Hargrove without hesitation to anyone looking for quality work, complete honesty and very reasonable pricing. John is a person of integrity that one can rest assured will do what he says, whatever it takes. His years of life experience and maturity have enabled him to be an excellent and wise communicator, which is important in EVERY line of work. You will be glad you found this “Zen Handyman” to handle the job you need done.” (Hardwood floor repair, drywall repair and roof repair)
Twyman Towery - Brentwood TN
615 758-9623
"You are amazing. I am so glad I found you. I will be calling you again." (Hardwood steps repair, gutter and sprinkler repair)
Joyce C. Brentwood, TN

"No waterfall!! - And the windows look awesome!" (Clogged gutters and downspout - Water was pouring over the side of the gutter)
Cindy C. - Dickson, TN

"John has handled numerous requests for repair of my 'old home' and the complexities of maintenance and addition of new features with great concern, experience and expertise. John is careful, pays attention to detail and has high integrity with explaining each detail of the work to be performed and why it is necessary. I would highly recommend him and feel he is to be truly considered a "FIND" amongst many I have hired previously."
Jan Carlin - Dickson, TN
"John did an excellent job washing my windows inside and out, fixing and replacing screens, cleaning gutters and taking care of my home! I have several other jobs I can't wait to get John to take care of for me. I know that I can trust him to get the job done in a timely fashion at a very reasonable cost. He communicated well to let me know when he would be here and what he had found as solutions for the jobs I needed done and the price involved. I highly recommend John for any handy work you may need him to do!"
Cindy Cullen - Dickson, TN
"It is amazing what a new coat of paint (actually 4 coats) can do to a garage. It looks so great from the road".
Catherine Peeler - Dickson, TN
Dickson Handyman
(John Hargrove)
316 Beechwood Drive
Burns, TN 37029 Phone: (615) 268-0005
Monday - Friday 8:00AM to 5:30PM
Fully insured and bonded.
John Hargrove
John Hargrove
About the customer:

"Everyone is a customer at some point. We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated, fairly and with honesty. Satisfying the customer is our #1 priority."